Building Stronger Communities


HealthOpX partners with Community Based Organizations (CBO), health systems, and payers to engage community members and improve their health.


Community Health Partner

HealthOpX offers operations software to community-based organizations so they can effectively carry out their own programs and work with government and health entities.

Predictive Analytics

Community Health Improvements With Technology

HealthOpX also has a predictive analytics tool that enables you to assess the risk of a members readmission, ER visit, and morbidity. We also have a service-based platform, where we partner with community-based organizations (CBO’s) to act upon these risk assessments. When CBO’s deliver a measure of preventative care or intervention through the service-based platform it feeds back into the algorithm and we are able to calculate how much they decreased the risk of X event or how they affected X health improvement initiative.

Benefits For Your Health
Organization & Community

Referral &
Screening Tools

All parties can use the web app service platform to carry out referrals, screenings, and other social determinants of health activities.


Digitize your forms and input data – Easily assign and track work related to volunteers, employees, and staff.; Giving you more time to help the communities you serve.

Community Partnerships

Supporting and strengthening relationships between community-based organizations and payer/provider organizations.

SMS Enabled Messaging

Community members can receive and accept services even without a smart phone through SMS texts

Measurable Analytics

HealthOpX offers activity management tools, and measurable analytics to better understand your organization's impact on the community.


Formally partner with hospitals, health insurers, and government entities with HIPAA compliant platform

Social Determinants of Health

Understanding The Patient's Journey

This video explains the patient journey and typical problems that regularly affect underserved populations.

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