About Us

HealthOpX cofounders are 2nd generation Americans who had to help their parents navigate the healthcare system. They leaned on their community and community-based organizations for guidance. They knew that to create a sustainable change in their communities they had to uplift and support the community-based organizations that helped them growing up. HealthOpX saw similarities in other underserved populations around the U.S., and how community organizations were also a pillar of those communities, and is on a mission to create sustainable change for the underserved.

Our Team

Wesley Ma

Founder & CEO

Jose Hernandez PHD


Katrianna Sydlik-Badgerow

Software Dev

Marc Lashner

Director of Product Dev

Eric Mcclain

Director of UI/UX

Malik Jackson

Business Consultant

Kyle Harris

Lead Software Engineer

Andrew Venturini

Head of Infrastructure


Dr. Jackeline Iseler

Medical Advisor

Tim Cox

CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield Community Health & Social Impact Senior Director

Xanthi Scrimgeour

CEO of CommunicateHealth

Carolyn Quick

Change Leader for Health Equity

Our Partners